Know how to write the perfect plan. Help improve other people's plans. SOSTAC® Certified Planners are a unique network of professionals who can apply the perfect structure to any plan, whether a business plan, department plan, marketing plan, campaign plan, or even your own life plan.


Applicants must either be a SOSTAC® Associate (and have passed the online assessment) or have at least 5 years' managerial experience.


  • SOSTAC®Certified Planners can build professional plans
  • Analyse existing plans or other departments' plans
  • Help colleagues to use same structure and build better plans
  • Ensure consistency across the business
  • They also have access to network/directory of SOSTAC® certified professionals.
  • This certificate is accredited by the CPD Standards Office


Once you register you can

  • Download your SOSTAC® Planning Manual Extra*( a non-transferable document). This your guide. Estimated study time is approximately 30 hours. *This manual is similar to the Associates manual it contains an extra section (taken from the SOSTAC® Guide to writing your perfect digital marketing plan)
  • Access SOSTAC® summary plans or Case Studies (how SOSTAC® is applied at campaign level).
  • Access SOSTAC® Success Stories (how senior managers have applied SOSTAC® to their businesses)
  • Get PR Smith Blog Feed all in one place and enjoy cutting edge posts from Gamification, to Virtual Reality to the Internet of Things).
  • Access network/directory of SOSTAC® certified professionals


1 hour, open book, online MCQ test based on a case study (Pass mark: 60%). Take the the SOSTAC® CERTIFIED PLANNER online test after you have read the manual or attended a workshop or read either of the books. Get an

  • instant result
  • instant feedback
  • instant certificate


Registration Fee: £150 (includes one free test re-sit if required).For UK residents, the standard 20% VAT applies.

Next step:

Register now to take SOSTAC® Certified Planner so you can get the resources, start preparing for the online assessment.

[When you register for the SOSTAC ® Certified Planner , please note the SOSTAC® Certified Planner is accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK]

FAQs: SOSTAC® Planner Registration

  • 1

    How Can I be a SOSTAC® Certified Planner?

    a) By complying with the minimum requirement of 5 years work experience OR successfully completing the SOSTAC Associate online test.

    b) Complete the application form

    c) You will then receive an email confirmation, with your SOSTAC® Account password, acknowledging your application and requesting you to sign in to make the payment of £150 using Pay Pal or a direct transfer to the SOSTAC® Account.

    d) Once the payment has been received, you get an email confirmation with a link to download your SOSTAC® Certified mini manual.

    e) You will later be notified once the online test is active, so that you can take the online test and receive your SOSTAC® Associate Certificate.

    f) Complete the online test, attain a minimum score of 60% and receive, immediately, your SOSTAC® Certified Planner Certificate. We will also send you a separate copy in the post.

  • 2

    How many attempts can I take?

    If you do not attain the 60% mark required in the online test, you are allowed one resit within 48 hours. Any further attempts after this will require separate registration and payment. So if you fail the first test, you can retake the test within 48 hours.

  • 3

    How long do I get to study the manual before taking the test?

    Do not worry, the test is run 4 times a year. Approximately every quarter. You can select which test period you would like.

    We do recommend you allow for 20 hours of study of the SOSTAC® manual plus another 2-4 hours with the SOSTAC® mini manual, so we recommend you allow 5- 6 weeks if you can manage to study for 4 hours per week. You must take the online test in the period you have registered for. After this period your application expires. You can, of course register again and pay the fee again. So it is best to ensure that you can find the time to study the manual before taking the test.

    You may also find some of the SOSTAC® Success Stories and the SOSTAC® Case Studies worth reading (link to case studies listing) as well as PR Smith's blog feed.

  • 4

    Can I change the date of the test?

    Tests are conducted over 4 day period every quarter. When you register you are given the 4 day period in the next quarter - i.e. when you can take the test. It is not possible to change the test period ie you must take the test in the test period allocate to you. If you fail the test, you have 48 hours to take a free re-sit. If you fail or miss this second opportunity to take the re-sit, you must register and pay again.

    If you fail to take the test on any of those days, it will be considered as non-attendance and your application will expire. You will have to reapply by paying registering and paying the fees again.

  • 5

    How many hours is the test?

    The test is ONE (1) hour in duration.

  • 6

    Is there anything else I need to know about the online test?

    You must have a stable internet connection to take any SOSTAC® tests. You cannot pause/stop the timer.

    If your browser displays a 'back' button DO NOT EVER click the 'back' button as this will terminate your test.

    Do not close your browser once you have started the online test (as this will end the test).

    Any of these actions will automatically end your test session and you will be marked only from the questions you have answered. e.g. if you closed the browser after completing 10 questions (from the 30 questions) you would be marked out of a total/maximum of 33.3%. Therefore, even if you answer each of the 10 questions correctly, you would still fail (as you would have a maximum score of 33%).

  • 7

    Is the manual the same for the Associate Test as the Certified Planner Test?

    Yes it is the same manual. But you also get a more advanced mini manual for the SOSTAC® Certificate . Please note, 95% the SOSTAC® Manual is taken from the SOSTAC® Guide To Writing The Perfect Marketing Plan.

  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

    Do I get to re sit in case I do not secure the minimum mark?

    You get ONE (1) free re sit within 48 hours of the first sitting. There will be no further free re sits.

  • 11

    How would being a SOSTAC® Planner benefit me?

    As a young executive it improves your profile to be a SOSTAC® Certified Planner having passed the Certified Test of one of the world's top planning models. It helps you to stand out from the crowd.

    You will be linked with local and international Certified Planners.

    Being able to use the title "SOSTAC® Certified Planner" gives you the recognition among your peers and seniors as someone with unique skills who can help with the writing of plans.

    You have an advantage when presenting your credentials to an employer or when your current employer requires competent personnel to formulate plans.

  • 12

    How long is the certificate valid?

    Indefinitely, just like many other qualifications. Once you have it, you have got it.

  • 13

    How can I use the title?

    You can use the SOSTAC® Certified Planner title against your name. Example Joe Bloggs, SOSTAC® Certified Planner. It looks great on on your CV and on Linkedin. You can also frame your certificate or post it online e.g. on your linkedin page.

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