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SOSTAC® can be used to write business plans, marketing plans, digital plans, operational plans and even personal plans. After many years of requests from professionals all over the world, SOSTAC® Planning Skills are being shared through a carefully structured set of certifications.


1. Register

Register by completely and accurately filling out the application form.

Any false statements will nullify the qualification. You are required to fill in all the fields unless stated otherwise.

2. Receive Confirmation Emails

You will receive a Welcome Email from requesting you to change your password to verify your email.

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After logging in to your account, you will then be asked to make payment of £100; you can do this via paypal or by money transfer directly to the specific bank account. For UK residents, the standard 20% VAT applies.

If you choose to make a direct money transfer, please enter the transaction number (found on the receipt which you will receive from your bank after you make the direct transfer) into the "Bank Reference Number" field once you have successfully transferred the said amount.

5. Receive Payment Confirmation Email

You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your payment. This may take up to 5 minutes.

6. Download the Manual and access a small selection of SOSTAC® Case studies

As soon as you receive the payment conformation email, you then can login to your account to download the manual. You will need to have your username (email) and your password.

7. To register for the NEXT online test

a. To register for the next online assessment, please check the dates on the right hand side of this page for the registration and assessment dates. You can register during the dates.
b. If you have already registered for the online assessment, log in to your SOSTAC® account on the dates which you have registered to take the online test. Don’t forget, you will need your Exam ID (which is listed in your dashboard when you log in).
c. After you click on the online test button, you must insert your Exam ID number, your username (email) and your password.


Next Assessment Date:

12/12/2020 - 12/14/2020


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The SOSTAC® Certification Portal issues SOSTAC® Certificates for the following: SOSTAC® Associates, SOSTAC® Certified Planners and SOSTAC® Certified Companies.

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